SHORT FILM : In Development

In a world where Good and Evil are merely products, Superheroes and Super-Villains now work for major corporations. GECKO-MAN is an employee at SUPER CORP. He’s low man on the totem pole, not very good at his job. And the company no longer wants him. Gecko-Man is fired. He’s devastated. He has no idea what to do. But he’s not alone. At the same moment Gecko-Man is fired from Super Corp., his counterpart at EVIL UNITED, the super-villain CANDY CLOWN is also let go. Now hero and villain must put aside their differences and team up. Can these former arch-enemies work together and find a new purpose in life? Or will their inherent natures as complete opposites spell doom for both of them?


UPDATE: Supers has completed it’s Indiegogo campaign and has exceeded it’s funding goal!

Thanks to all our supporters.

We are scheduled to go to camera in the Spring of 2016